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    Dr. James Mao does dental Veneers in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Dental veneers are hard white shells that cover the front part of unsightly or undesirable teeth, color and/or shape.  Dental veneers have conventionally been made in dental labs, involving numerous steps, technical finesse, and weeks to finish, ready to be bonded onto the natural teeth or tooth.  Dr. James Mao uses CAD/CAM technology, the E4D system, for making dental veneers that can be inserted, bonded, the same day.  For more information, see Dr. James Mao’s list of Dental Services.  

    Call now, or email now, to book an appointment with Dr. James Mao for dental veneers in Thunder Bay.

    Dr. Sharon Lau, Dr. James Mao have been using CAD/CAM technology for making dental crown in Thunder Bay, Ontario, since 2013.  CAD/CAM stands for Computer Assisted Design and Computer Assisted Manufacturing.  The above image is of the E4D CAD/CAM dental crown and bridge system Dr. Sharon Lau and Dr. James Mao have been using since 2013.  It’s comprised of an intra-oral dental scanner, computer software for design dental crowns and bridge, and a milling unit that produces the final crown and bridge within minutes.  The finished crown and bridge looks amazing and is strong enough for chewing normal food.  It’s never good to chew hard materials like ice, bone, sea shells, or opening bottle caps with your teeth; so it’s even more inadvisable to be doing the same with your new dental crowns and bridges.  Dr. Sharon Lau, Dr. James Mao, finishes their dental crowns in one day, one appointment.  A single front tooth can be finished in about 2 hours; 10-15 minutes of preparing the tooth; about an hour break while the tooth is designed and milled; 10-15 minutes to insert the final crown.  Additional dental freezing is usually unnecessary but when necessary, the initial numbness will minimize the discomfort of the additional injection of anesthetic.

    For more information, see Dr. Sharon Lau’s list of Dental Services.  Call now, or email now, to book an appoinntment with Dr. Sharon for CAD/CAM dental crown in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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